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Private Consultations

In my online clinic, I work with women all over the world to improve their fertility, hormonal health and general wellbeing.

If you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle and fertility; to ditch hormonal contraceptives forever or improve your chances of conceiving naturally, then I would love to work with you!

Using my signature fertility charting framework, my 1:1 consultations will empower you to use your menstrual cycle as a tool to track your body’s natural fertile signs and pinpoint ovulation day to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. 

My holistic, evidence-based approach encompasses lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, gentle detoxification, stress management and mindset to achieve your reproductive goals and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 


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The Process




We'll begin our first session together with a holistic assessment of individual menstrual cycle and health history in order to get an accurate picture of your fertility.

 You may be asked to complete a lifestyle and health questionnaire before your first consult to provide further information about your hormone balance and current status.

Understanding the messages your menstrual cycle is sending you is an enormous component of our process, so you will learn how to identify your key fertile signs and interpret the patterns you observe in your cycle every month. You will be provided with a charting template and will learn how to use your menstrual cycle as a tool for improving your overall health, preparing to conceive, avoiding pregnancy naturally and optimising your fertility now or for the future.

Based on your charts, symptoms and reproductive goals, we will work together to create a personalised management plan that is clear, easy to follow and sustainable. We will focus on regulating your menstrual cycle, balancing your hormones and optimising your fertility with nutrition, gentle detoxification, movement, stress management and mindset practices.

Charting your menstrual cycle for natural birth control or conception

Transitioning off hormonal birth control
Natural contraception options

Planning ahead and preparing you and your partner for conception and pregnancy
Nutrition and lifestyle modifications
Male and female fertility optimisation

Heavy, irregular or painful periods
Absent periods after long-term birth control use

PCOS & polycystic ovaries, PMS, oestrogen dominance, irregular bleeding

Tracking the return of your fertility after giving birth
Hormone-free contraception while breastfeeding

Areas Explored


This introductory coaching experience is perfect for women who are completely new to fertility charting and want to dip their toe in the water first, as well as regular charters who just want a refresher or some expert guidance about their own completed charts.

Consider this your opportunity to sit down with me to "pick my brain" and have all your burning questions answered.

Single Consultation



Initial 60 minute consultation where I will complete a comprehensive assessment of your present health concerns. We will discuss your areas of interest or current fertility status and (for newbies) start with the basics of charting. 

Analysis of diet, lifestyle, exercise, personal and family medical history.

A treatment plan consisting of individualised, achievable goals specific to your health priorities detailing lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, gentle detoxification, stress management and mindset recommendations.

A minimum 3-month commitment, this longer-term program is for women who are ready to make real change to their health and their fertility. You will learn how to chart your menstrual cycle and use it as a tool to improve your overall health and achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. You will use this knowledge for the rest of your menstruating life and learn how to apply it differently as your reproductive goals change.

Together we can address areas of concern and create a personalised management plan to improve symptoms and optimise your fertility and menstrual cycle health.



Initial 60 minute consultation where we will dive deep into your fertility and cycle history, the specific problems you would like to address and create an individualised management plan.

5 fortnightly follow-up consultations (30 minutes) where we will analyse your charts, identify patterns and potential causes, and I will answer any questions that come up along your fertility charting journey.

Session notes with recommendations following all calls; weekly check ins and email support.  

Fertility School (RRP $599) - Full access to my flagship online course, including bonuses

Heal Your Hormones Mini-Course (RRP $297) - Not available publicly, this mini-course will support you to re-balance your hormones, regulate your menstrual cycle and boost your chances of conceiving using the four pillars of fertility – diet, exercise, sleep and stress.

Conceive with Confidence Workshop Series (RRP $297) - A holistic pre-conception plan to optimise ovulation and get pregnant fast. This 3-part workshop series teaches you to pinpoint ovulation day and teaches you the quick-fix solutions you need if you're not ovulating. 

Cycle Charting Workbook (RRP $49) that allows you to record and interpret the information your menstrual cycle is giving you so that you can better understand your unique cycle and fertility.


12 Week Private Coaching Program

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